Send A Cloud is a friendly messaging platform to connect people all around the world in a fun way. We want it to showcase an open-minded, happy and sustainable way of thinking.

When you were a little kid, you must remember lying in the grass staring at the sky and watching the clouds go by. Day dreaming about their constantly-changing fluffiness.

Unlike clouds, modern life can flash by quickly and we often don’t find the necessary daily time to focus on our human relationships with friends and family – those moments of cloud-like calm when we’re able to be kind to and to be supportive of the people we care about.

In life we don’t remember days; we remember moments.

Send a Cloud is about making these moments matter – instead of sending a text or an emoji, it is now super easy to send someone a random cloud.

We work with an ongoing roster of designers, illustrators and writers on our clouds, or you can write your own message. All you gotta do, just fill in the blanks on the main page. It’s then easy to send and… whoosh…! Someone you love will receive a cloud from you.

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