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Terms and Conditions

Send a Cloud users – “the Customer” – are obliged to familiarise themselves with the Terms of Service of our website before using www.sendacloud.com. If there are any additional question about the Terms of Service, please do contact us at hello@sendacloud.com

By accessing the website or by using any part of its content, the Customer accepts the Terms of Service for the website www.sendacloud.com, as well as all other rules and Terms of Service for the website and services that are provided by it. Customers agree that they will not use the website in a manner that would harm the authors or third parties, and they accept the risks which accompany using the website and its services.
If the Customer does not agree with these terms, they are obliged to cease using the website and the services offered by it.
The content of the website belongs to Send a Cloud. Altering, borrowing, selling or distributing content is possible only with a previously granted written permission by the Send a Cloud team. Send a Cloud presents its Customers with the best possible user experience. This entails controlling the work of the server, extending capacity based on the number of users, support for users and instant removal of potential errors, threats and issues in the work of the system. Send a Cloud does not take any responsibility for the potential issues in the operations of the website and its services, as the authors cannot guarantee that usage of the website will not be interrupted in any manner or that it will be absolutely error-free. The Customer accepts that access to the website may sometimes be unavailable, limited or interrupted.

Customers use the website at their own risk. Send a Cloud is not in any way responsible for the possible damage the Customer could suffer by using the website www.sendacloud.com. The authors and other physical or legal entities which are involved in creating, producing or distributing the website are not responsible for any damage which occurs as a consequence of using or the inability to use the aforementioned website.

Send a Cloud retains the right to, at any given moment, amend or add to the Terms of Service. All changes apply from the day they are published on the website www.sendacloud.com. Send a Cloud suggests periodical checking of the Terms of Service to ensure full awareness of all potential changes. Send a Cloud retains the right to, at any given moment, and without previously announcing it, modify, add to or remove any part of its business operations, including the website, i.e.any part, service or sub-page offered through the website. This right includes, but is not limited to, changing the time period of content availability, availability of new information, methods of transfer, as well as rights of access or use of the website. The Customer has the duty and responsibility to use the website in line with positive regulations and general ethical and moral principles. Send a Cloud has the right to, at any given moment, control the content of the website to ensure that the Terms of Service and positive regulations are being implemented and respected.

Privacy Policy

The Customer’s personal information obtained through the website is protected and held secure permanently in line with the Act on Personal Data Protection. Personal information of the Customer will be used exclusively for the purpose of forming and fulfilling contracts and services that these general terms pertain to. Personal details may also be used to inform the Customer about any offers, updates and other similar information of relevance. All details about the Customers are severely secured and available only to designated employees and those who require the information to fulfil their jobs successfully. The Customer has the right to request amendments, additions or the deletion of personal details at any moment. The Customer also has the right to object to the processing of their personal details for the purpose of informing the Customer.

The Customer guarantees that the information they provide is correct and up-to-date, and by accepting the Terms of Service confirms that they consent to their information being used for the aforementioned purposes.

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